Unable to Start SendPort

Today I  got an error I havet seen before. When trying to change credentials on a sendport for Oracle I got en error: Unable to enslits due to an unexpected error. Hmm.. Queruying the EventLog helped me a bit further:

Hmm how can this bee. I stopped the application and all the hosts. When querying the subscription it was still active. That`s not right! I has to snook around the the  'BizTalkmsgBox' database in the table 'Subscription'. I queried it with :

SELECT     nID, dtTimeStamp, nvcName, uidSubID, uidSubGroupID, snGroupPriority, nvcApplicationName, uidClassID, dtStartWindow, dtEndWindow, dtValid,
                      uidServiceID, uidInstanceID, uidPortID, uidPredicateGroupID, fEnabled, uidConvoySetID, vtConvoySetProp1DefVal, vtConvoySetProp2DefVal,
                      vtConvoySetProp3DefVal, snPartRetrieval, fOrderedDelivery, fIsRequestResponse, fCanActivateConvoySet, uidAppInstanceID, uidDBOwnerID,
                      snPriority, fPaused
FROM         Subscription
WHERE     (nvcName LIKE '%SendPortName%')

I manually deletet the entry, and voila! I was now able to start the send port.


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