BizTalk Host "Stop Pending"

When restarting a BizTalk host I experiences that it would not restart. The service was stuck in a "Stop Pending" state. It seem that the only way to get the host back up, is to terminate the process and the start it.
When i tried to restart fro BizTalk Administration Console nothing happen. I had to user the End Task function in Task Manager
To get the correct instance i needed to find the correct instance. The only way to be sure to get the right one is to find the Process ID (PID)
This might be found by using the command prompt using

tasklist /SVC /fi "imagename eq btsntsvc.exe"

This will list all BizTalk hosts like this

Image Name              PID  Services
============= ================================
BTSNTSvc.exe            2376 BTSSvc$Rcv_x32_1_FTP_H
BTSNTSvc.exe            2396 BTSSvc$Rcv_x32_1_JNBridge_H_ActiveMQ
BTSNTSvc.exe            2416 BTSSvc$Rcv_x32_1_JNBridge_H_OracleAQ
BTSNTSvc.exe            2436 BTSSvc$Rcv_x32_1_Random_H
BTSNTSvc.exe            2588 BTSSvc$Snd_x32_1_FTP_H
BTSNTSvc.exe            2628 BTSSvc$Snd_x32_1_JNBridge_H_ActiveMQ
BTSNTSvc.exe            2708 BTSSvc$Snd_x32_1_Random_H
BTSNTSvc.exe            6580 BTSSvc$Snd_x32_1_JNBridge_H_OracleAQ

Then the correct processID  may be used to terminate the correct process.


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