Undo checkout of another user in tfs

Here is a familiar scenario:
someone does a checkout from a computer and forgets to check in. The computer is removed from network or the use is take off the project. Anyhow you end up with a file that is checked out to a resource no longer available.
Luckily there is a commandline option if you are an admin in the tfs server i questions.

The commandline :
 tf.exe undo /workspace:workspacename;owner "$/xxx/Code/References" /server:servername/noprompt

A real world example would be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0>tf undo /workspace:PC-750328
;eriei$/BizTalk/Utility/Library/Main/Utility.Library/MessageContext.cs /server

The output form this is:
The operation completed successfully.  Because the workspace PC-750328;Andreas H
jelle is not on this computer, you must perform a separate get operation in that
 workspace to update it with the changes that have been made on the server.


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