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The key to Continuations in BAM

When a solution needs BAM, and you what to link the receivedTime and sendTime together you have to use continuation. I have learned from my fellow BizTalk developer Knut Sølve Furset Urke an easy way to rememer ho how to do this. In the TPE you add a Continuation and a ContinuationID. Rename the ContinuationID to Continuation. There will now be to Continuation, but with different icons

The way to think of this is: When a message is received you get an ID. So you set the portmappings on Continuation to received port. When the message is send you need a key to unlock the ID, so you set the Continuation ( former ContinuationID) portmappings on the to sent port.

There is a key in the icon bedise Continuation ID with a key in it.

deploy and enjoy

BAM removes XML declaration using passthru pipelines

I just created a simple messaging solution, using passthru pipeline on both send and receive ports. When I deployed this simple solution everything worked fine. However when I added BAM to the solution, tracking receive and sent time on the ports, the BAM interceptor removed the XML declaration in the beginning of the file.

I have not yet found a workaround for this problem, but a solution is to NOT use BAM.

UPDATE: Microsoft have acknowledged this. They will not provide a fix fort it.