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Error in Services

If you ever see this error message:

"Registering multiple adapter types within the same process is not a supported configuration. For e.g. HTTP and SOAP receive adapters cannot co-exist in the same process"
it is likely that there is a service with the wrong app pool. WCF-Basic and WCF-Http services must use separate app pools, but can use the same host.
Tanx Mark

Configuration Display Error for SQL-Adapter

I just found an issue in the SQL-Adapter for BizTalk 2006R2. It seems that there are different values for displaying the configuration and for the actual configuration. Here is an image showing how it looks like when you open the SendPort to view the details. Don`t trus this view!
Here is the actual configuration for the same SendPort with the actual configuration used runtime.

If your bindignfile is not 100% acurate you could end up with different values for displaying the configuration and the actual configuration.  As you can see from the images two different values are in the system, but it is the actual configuration that is used. This may happen if you manually update the bindigfile, but forget to update all the entrys for database/queue information.

 I have been told that it is the same for MQ-Adapter and even on the BizTalk 2010, but I have not verifyed this