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BAM Portal - Service Unavailable

From time to time I get the 'HTTP Error 503 - The Service is nnavailable' when I try to access my BAM portal

Usually I spend a few minutes before I remember how to get past this. It is the account configured to run bam that needs to have its password updated. Most of you should change yor password on a regular basis, and its easy to forget to reconfigure BAM with the new passord. So.. here is the solution:

Open Microsoft BizTalk ServerConfiguratiuon tool and update the password for the user running BAM portal

Apply configuration, restart ISS to be sure (iisreset) and voia :

BAM portal up and runnign again

Illegal 'activate' predecate

I am creating a orch that has filter on the initial receive shape. When building I got these error:

Error 1 : identifier 'MySolutionname' does not exist in 'MyOrchName'; are you missing an assembly reference?
Error 2: cannot find symbol 'MySolutionname'
Error 3: an 'activate' predicate rvalue must be a string, character, boolean or numeric literal
Error 4 : illegal 'activate' predicate

The solution to this is to put the filter expression in sting literals (i.e. “double quotes”)