MTOM Attachment- i figured it out

I prefer the WebServiceWizard when creating a webSerivce to use with BizTalk. The orchestration is already created so I just choose the orch dll in the wisard. When this is done I add the web service as a existing webService project to the Solution. After some tweeking on namespaces, portnames, SOAPAction, etc. I now have a fully functional WebService that may receive xml files and deliver them to an orchestration.

And now the new stuff begins...
First of all you have to install wse 3.0. Then you have to add the reference to Microsoft.Web.Service3 to the project. After this I had to restart VS in order to get the new item on the project property --> WSE 3. 0 properties.

When this is enabled just rebuild and publish you new WebService, and a section is added in the WSDL describing the mtom attachment.


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